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Rick Ross is about his business and wants every dollar coming to him. The boss is asking a Miami court to revive his lawsuit where he alleges that LMFAO used his lyrics for one of their biggest hits.

In 2015 Rozay’s claimed that the pop group bit lines from his classic “Hustlin'” on their “Party Rock Anthem.” The duo said “Every day I’m shuffling” which is strikingly similar to Renzel’s hook where he says “Everyday I’m hustling.” The case was dismissed as the court cited the aforementioned phrases are a part of popular culture and can’t be copyrighted.

In her ruling Judge Kathleen Williams stated “even if the phrase ‘everyday I’m hustlin’’ were copyrightable, plaintiffs still fail the intrinsic test. The average lay observer would not confuse T-shirts bearing the phrase ‘everyday I’m shufflin’’ with the musical composition ‘Hustlin’’ nor, without reference to ‘Party Rock Anthem’ and ‘Hustlin’’ would an average lay observer recognize the merchandise as having been appropriated from ‘Hustlin’.”

Nevertheless the following year the MMG boss tried again but the case was thrown out due to multiple copyright registration errors on “Hustlin'”. On November 15, Ross refiled the suit with the Eleventh Circuit insisting the registration is valid despite the errors since there was no intent to fraud or concealment in the process.

“Party Rock Anthem” went #1 in multiple countries including the United States, Canada, and Australia. Here is the track in question.

And here is “Hustlin'”.

Seems like LMFAO might have to cut the check. Sound off in the comments section below.

Via The Miami Herald