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Colin Kaepernick continues to put his words and deeds into action in support of all those who face injustices. On Thursday when most were celebrating Thanksgiving, the free agent quarterback and activist lent his voice and time to an “Unthanksgiving Day” event on Alcatraz Island in honor of a group of American Indians who occupied the prison in protest.

The Sacramento Bee reports:

Former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick came out to support the Indigenous People’s Sunrise Ceremony on Alcatraz on Thursday.

The event, on a day often referred to as “Unthanksgiving Day,” has been a tradition since 1975 and is meant as a commemoration of the American Indians who occupied the island from 1969-71, according to SFGate. The 89 activists involved in the occupation were seeking to turn the former penitentiary and surrounding areas of the island into an American Indian school and cultural center.

Kaepernick said in a Twitter post with a video that he joined the ceremony Thursday “in solidarity with those celebrating their culture and paying respects to those that participated in the 19-month occupation of Alcatraz.”

“I realize that our fight is the same fight,” Kaepernick said while at the event. “We’re all fighting for our justice, for our freedom and realizing that we are in this fight together makes us all the more powerful.”

Salute to Colin Kaepernick for continually putting in that work.

Photo: screen cap/twitter