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The courts are still not buying Jimmy Henchman Rosemond’s street thug turned record executive story. He was found guilty again of arranging the murder a G-Unit associate.

The New York Post reports that on Tuesday, November 28 the former entertainment manager was found guilty of paying a hitman to kill Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher in 2009. The murder for hire plot is said to be payback for when G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo allegedly slapped Rosemand’s son.

Henchman insists that he only instructed the men to shoot at Fletcher as a scare tactic. But the prosecutor called witnesses that were involved with the crime including Brian “Slim” McCleod who admitted to luring the victim to a secluded section of the Bronx for hit. Naturally, Rosemond’s defense team argued that the witnesses were desperate snitches who would say anything for reduced sentences.

This is the third time Jimmy has been tried for the murder. The initial trial ended up in a mistrial and second resulted in a guilty conviction which was eventually appealed.

His lawyer David Touger stated “we’re determined to appeal” after the trial concluded. Rosemond is currently serving two life sentences for other crimes including cocaine trafficking.

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