Venmo, Cash app, iPhone users might be off that permanently because Apple has pulled the lid off their cash sharing feature Apple Pay Cash.

No more excuses for that “friend” who doesn’t carry cash.

Begining today, Apple announced customers can now to receive or send money to family members and friends, quickly, easily and securely through iMessage. Going cashless is the way to go and instant pay methods are all the rage among smartphone users so Apple is right on time with this new feature.

Apple Pay Cash

The new feature is the biggest part of Apple’s latest iOS11.2 update which they had no choice but to release early thanks to software bugs in 11.1.2. Now how does it work? You will be able to send or receive cash on all iOS 11.2 iPhone or iPad devices including your Apple Watch (watchOS 4.2 or later installed) if you own one.

Apple Pay Cash

Users can also just simply ask Siri to send someone money which is very convenient. All cash payments received through the feature will go to your digital Apple Pay card that lives in Apple Wallet. The money can be spent anywhere Apple Pay is accepted and that is pretty much everywhere at this point.

You can also use your Apple Pay Cash to pay to make purchases on the app store or if you’re like me instantly transfer the money to your bank account. If you don’t have Apple Pay set up on your phone don’t worry you can still receive cash from family or friends without having to install a new app or add a new card. To add the money to their digital cards new users just have to accept the terms.

Transaction history such as person to person payments, purchases made is viewable in your wallet. Apple Pay Cash sounds super clutch but we wouldn’t recommend deleting your other apps.

Nothing wrong with having options at all. So does Apple’s new feature finally make you a believer in Apple Pay?

Photos: Apple