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NYC sneakerheads, athletes, joggers, fitness junkies and tourist rejoice, there is another Nike flagship store on the way. That’s right, Nike is blessing you with another option to cop their well sought after sneakers and apparel.

If you’re currently a NikePlus member this new Nike flagship store will benefit you greatly so listen up.

In addition to their other flagship locations in Soho and NikeTown NY (closing spring 2018), this store is a complete upgrade in regards to the shopping experience it will provide. The new store will live on 650 West 52nd Street, covers more than 69,000 square feet and will officially open its doors in 2019.

Heidi O’Neill, President of Nike Direct had this to say about the new flagship NYC location:

Our new flagship store is about serving all of our consumers – especially our NikePlus members — with pinnacle innovative products, a unique design and environment and the very best of personalized service.

As far as exactly what products will live in the store, Nike revealed floors 1 through 4 will feature a “multi-sport assortment of product and innovation”. The first floor will exclusively be dedicated Hyperlive, a new small-format retail experience Nike recently unveiled. Iconic sports brand describes Hyperlive as “a curated, data-driven assortment of local essential products, inspired by the sporting heartbeat of the city”.

Shoppers will also have access to speed lockers for easy pick-ups and returns and can hit the sneaker bar for some style advice. So it kinda basically sounds like the Apple Store but for fitness apparel.

Now what sets this new store apart from the rest is how it will make full use of the Nike App and benefit NikePlus members. Recently Nike announced NikePlus Unlocks which are very dope by the way and enhanced the app tremendously. The fifth floor in the new store will be totally dedicated to NikePlus members.

Nike flagship store

NikePlus members will get exclusive access to unique products, experiences and customization opportunities. They also will get Nike Expert sessions — one-on-one sessions with a”highly-trained Nike Expert” who will give you advice on their sport’s goals, product needs and offer a unique personal shopping experience.

NikePlus members upon checking into the store will receive push notifications based on their shopping preferences and tendencies from their member profile. NikePlus members can scan a show in the store and instantly gain access to what’s available in their size and color preference.

Sounds like something out of Minority Report.

Oh and those long lines? NikePlus members will not have to worry about those they can skip that process and purchase their product through the app.

Insert all the fire emojis.

Nike is thinking far ahead into the future with their new Nike flagship store and we won’t be surprised if other sports apparel brands *cough* Adidas, Reebok follows suit.

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