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NBA star Dwight Howard is continuing to make headlines for his charitable endeavors, this time for granting a dying woman her final wish.

62-year-old Kay Kellog, a woman with inoperable and incurable stage 3 Multiple Myeloma, had a final wish to have a conversation with the Orlando Magic forward before her impending death.

Hearing her story, Howard granted that wish and instead of only a few moments of his time recently spent several hours with Kellog in her Orlando home.

Speaking on her visit from Howard whose jersey she wore after buying season tickets to “see her Dwight play every game”, Kellog told,

“I just find Dwight to be such a great kid. The world is his oyster, but he’s stayed real and clean cut and I couldn’t be more proud of have him on this Magic team… and I told Dwight, `If I had a son, I would have wanted him to be just like you.’ Dwight was 7-feet of the best chemotherapy drug that I’ve ever had.’’ reports that before leaving, Howard who is 6-11 hugged the 5-foot-tall woman and said,

“You are taller than me.”

“That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard,” she said.

“No,” Howard said, “you are taller than me because your spirit lifts you up.”

Howard And Kay Kellog