Looks like Brian Pumper has had enough of the verbal jabs from Fabolous and has decided to respond to a video that Fab released claiming that Pumper wears fake jewelry.

In an interview with, Pumper states that Fabolous is the one with the fake jewelry and also claims that he can battle” with the rapper on record and “smash” him if that’s what Fabolous wants to do.

“I have lyrics for days,” Pumper said in the interview. “If that’s what cats want. I’m trying to stay doing my thing but if he wants to go toe to toe lyrically, I will smash him.”

Pumper also states that he has more money than Fabolous and is in a better position because he owns all of his recording and song masters.

“I own all of my masters, so I am getting paid off of my songs,” Pumper continued. “So you can’t tell me nothing.”

The interview was going all good, until the interviewer asked Pumper directly if his jewelry was real and how much it cost, to which Pumper responded,

“Man, look at it. I’m telling you this is quality. I ain’t even going to throw out a dollar amount, just know it’s real.”

SMH…sounds real alright…real suspicious.

Check out the interview below:

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