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DJ Dysquo

Origin: Queens, New York

Current Location: Miami, Florida

1. Hot Tottie – Usher ft Jay-Z

2.  Bottoms Up – Trey Songz  ft Nicki Minaj

3. Fawk You – Cee-Lo

4. Runaway – Kanye ft Pusha T

5. Bon Bon – Pitbull

6. BMF – Rick Ross

7. Fancy – Drake ft T.I. & Swizz Beats

8. Holding you Down – Jazmine Sullizan ft Missy

9. She be like – Git Fresh

10. Down On Me – Jeremih ft 50 Cent

HipHopWired: What was the first DJ gig you ever did?

DJ Dysquo: At The Forge in Miami, it’s one of those staples in Miami and that place is really famous. I also heard about DJ Irie, Irie’s a DJ for the Miami Heat right now. He just kinda took me under his wing and that was my first gig.

HipHopWired: Being that you’re in Miami, how would you describe the type of music you spin? Is it dance? Hip-Hop?

DJ Dysquo: Well I have an open format so I play everything. I’ll spin the “BMF” by Rick Ross; he’s huge down here and then you gotta go back up to Pitbull with the dance music. Everybody loves all type of music here. It’s not just one particular especially the places I spin. People’s minds are really open here.

HipHopWired: I heard that you did a DJ reality show.

DJ Dysquo: It’s called “Party Rocka”, people can check it out at for more  info. It’s based here in Miami and we do all kinds of crazy competitions. One day they’ll put us in the club, the next day we’re in a nursing home. It’s crazy.

HipHopWired: Are you working with any indie artists? Doing any production on the side?

DJ Dysquo: I’m doing production for myself, I’m working on electronic music for myself; kind of like Pitbull style. I’m working with some independent artists, I really just wanna find someone that people have never heard of before. I really wanna get two people in. I’m not satisfied with the current state of music, we gotta figure something out different?

HipHopWired: What else are you working on?

DJ Dysquo: I’m focusing on the clubs and expanding my market. I’m doing New York, Pennsylvania and Atlantic City in the next few weeks. I actually just got signed to CEG talent, they represent Funkmaster Flex, Solange Knowles, Pauly D, Nick Hogan. It’s a really good look and I’m just trying to keep it moving and keep things progressing.

HipHopWired: Any last words? Do you have a Twitter or Myspace where people can reach you?

DJ Dysquo:, Twitter @Dysquo. For any booking they can contact me at of