Foxy Brown is expanding outside of the music business and setting her sights on becoming the next youth ambassador of  Trinidad and Tabago.

During an interview with Express Woman, the rapper revealed that the idea is one she’s been considering for a number of years.

“Who else but me?” she asked with a laugh, “I am a staunch supporter of American-Caribbean relations and my music targets the exact same demographic and genre of young people I want to stand up for.”

According to Foxy, she’s more than qualified for the position with her years of experience and well educated background.

She tells Express Woman,

“I’ve forged many political alliances and I’m well-versed, articulate and educated. Beyond just having a vast amount of music industry experience, I am a staunch believer in being the voice for our young Trinidadian people.”

Additionally the rapper tells the publication she plans to release an autobiography, start her “Black Roses Foundation” for underprivileged teens, appear in possible movies and a reality show, launch her own fashion clothing line and cosmetic line and participate in a number of endorsement deals.

Her new album Black Roses hits stores Christmas Eve.

As previously reported Brown made headlines this week after club promoters accused of her acting like a “diva” when she was picked up in a 2009 model SUV instead of 2010 as requested.