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The battle between Joe Budden and Wu-Tang has just escalated as a member of Raekwon’s entourage snuffed the Slaughter House MC backstage at The Rock The Bells tour in L.A. Talking about the sneak attack shortly after it occurred on his blog, Joe called the attack a “fa*^ot move.”

“These ni##as came in here which tells me they came in here with a goal. And the goal was to catch the fu*king blog king slipping and have the big 6’4, 300 pound ni##a, maybe 250…maybe he won’t that fat, punch me in the eye so I guess to make me look soft. I don’t know…But I’m alright, I’m safe, still sessyy I think. Eye’s a lil’ swoll.”

Laughing he adds, “The ni#@as came in there like this was Staten Island. This is the part that I’m fu*king lost about. Like do they know where we at. I don’t get it. I guess in they mind they gonna come in here, punch me in the face, then shake my hand, force an apology out of me.”

Joe also said that he initially apologized because he was out numbered 8 to 1 “so I figured that was the smart thing to do at the time. I don’t think Rae did it himself.”

The apology may be referring to the disses he made towards Wu-tang member Method Man on the new Slaughter House album with him Crooked I, Royce da 5’9 and Joel Ortiz dropping next week. Speaking of Joe’s “Do they know where we at comment,” L.A. is the home of Slaughter House member Crooked I so it’s a possibility the situation could have escalated even more.

Raekwon also sent word through a member of The Rock The Bells staff, “Yo, on my children, no one was supposed to get touched, dude got jumpy, touched him, shouldn’t have happened, that was not my intention.”

Sad to say it looks like the Wu may not be able to compete lyrical with the new jacks so they resort to this. HipHopWired will keep you posted as the story develops.