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Soulja Boy may not be the first rapper that you think of when it comes to going hard and busting shots, but in a recent interview with VIBE magazine, Soulja Boy reveals that he shot and injured someone.

Unbeknownst to many, the Atlanta rapper shot someone who broke into his home.

“I’m thinking if I shoot this n*gga, I can get that gun and shoot all these n*ggas at the same time,” Soulja Boy said in the interview. “So I jumped out, shot at the dude four times and missed. He ducked down and ran. He started yelling, so I shot him like two more times. Then he turned around and started running. So I popped his a** like two more times in the back, and he hit the floor.”

Although the incident sounds like a scene out of a 50 Cent video, Soulja Boy states that shooting only occurred after three men attempted the home invasion.

Even though the robbers eventually fled, the entire situation made Soulja reluctant in discussing  it due to his age at the time and his fan base. Now an adult, Soulja states that he no longer wants to hide what happened because he did nothing wrong.

“I really didn’t want nobody to know that I shot somebody,” Soulja contunued. “My label [didn’t] want that out there [because] when the robbery went down I had fans like 9, 10 years old. But being that I’m 20, I don’t give a Fawk no more. Ain’t nobody take Shyte [from me that night].”

Soulja Boy is breathing a lot more than relief these days.

After his a-list performance at the 2010 BET Hip-Hop Awards, many fans and celebs alike anticipating Soulja’s upcoming album DeAndre’s Way scheduled to hit stores November 30.

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