Four Loko Defends It’s Beverage In Recent Allegations Of Unhealthiness


The company that makes the popular drink Four Loko, Phusion Projects Inc., has released a statement that defends their drink that has been in the center of college partying controversy.

Many questions have been asked after nearly a dozen Central Washington University students became ill at an off-campus party this month. At first a date-rape drug was blamed, but now officials say it was a popular drink called Four Loko, which mixes high doses of alcohol and caffeine.

The 23.5-ounce can that sells for about $2.50 has an alcohol content of 12 percent, making it comparable to drinking five to six beers. The caffeine in the drink can also suspend the effects of alcohol consumption, allowing a person to consume more than usual.

Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna is calling for a ban on the beverage, after 23 college students have been hospitalized in the past few weeks because of the drink.

However, Phusion Projects Inc., are standing behind their product, and have released the following statement:

“Our products contain less alcohol than an average rum and cola, less alcohol and caffeine than an average Red Bull and vodka, and are comparable to having coffee after a meal with a couple glasses of wine.”

Although the product was sent and approved to the FDA, further investigations will continue to find out exactly how unhealthy this drink is.

Do you think Four Loko should be banned?