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West coast rapper The Game has decided to get back into the area of controversy, this time it’s not for words he spit at another rapper.

On hisTwitter page, The Game made some comments that many deemed as anti-gay, when he tweeted several posts criticizing the sexual positioning of homosexual men and calling them “butt-pirates”.

“Aye! I gotta question: What kinda man let another man put his package in his booty?” Game tweeted. “I’m just askin N***a that Shyte krazy tho. #buttpirates.”

After receiving quite a few angry tweets regarding his comment, The Game explained that although his comments were derogatory, he was not bashing but simply inquiring about the lifestyle.

“Aint no attack on gay people, I’m just askin on the real that Shyte krazy dog,” The Game continued. “Gay women, kool ! Ellen, kool ! D!ck in the booty, not kool. It’s a FREE WORLD, be GAY & be proud if thats ya choice…. But in the dook shoot doe ????? Do what ya like (Digital Underground).”

It seemed as if his explanation wasn’t enough for one follower who The Game decided to respond to directly.

“@g**isonb look man, go pick ya boyfriend up from work… do the cheerio & RELAX. Wasn’t GAY bashin. just asked a question ha ha ha”

This isn’t the first time that Twitter comments have worked against a rapper, 50 Cent was recently accused of gay bashing after he tweeted a comment regarding oral sex for women.

“If you a man and your over 25 and you don’t eat pu**y just kill yourself damn it,” 50 tweeted. “The world will be a better place. Lol.”

Although both were instances of personal opinion, many supporters of gay rights are hardly laughing.

It’s funny how people overlook the true reason of social media; it’s your own little world in cyber space, which means it’s your area for your personal opinion.

Twitter is just like anything else, it’s your thoughts that you want to share with the world-so if you don’t like it, unplug.