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Woman Tries To Kill Herself And Children Over Welfare Benefits

A woman in Montgomery, Alabama has been arrested after attempting to kill herself and her two children.

According to published reports, Tia Thompson was arrested on November 1, after she allegedly attempted to kill both herself and her children by crashing into a pole after being notified that her welfare benefits would soon be expiring.

Police reports state that officers were dispatched after receiving a report that a vehicle had crashed into a pole.

After arriving on the scene, investigators questioned Thompson over what caused the accident and that is when authorities state that she confessed to intentionally causing the accident by running into a power pole.

When investigators asked her reasoning for causing the accident, Thompson reportedly said “her welfare benefits were being suspended and since she didn’t know how she would provide for her family, she felt that killing herself and the kids was the only way out.”

The two children, who were not restrained with seat belts, were taken to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries.

The Department of Human Resources investigated the family, and allowed the children to be released to their grandparents.

Thompson was booked and charged with attempted murder, she is currently being held on $200,000 bond.


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