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Atlanta rapper Mike Bigga (formerly known as Killer Mike) is speaking out to clear his name in a recent lawsuit filed against T.I. and a number of his associates in the alleged beating of a studio engineer.

Bigga recently told the Atlanta Journal Constitution,

“These allegations are 100 percent false…While I don’t want these false allegations to tarnish my legacy as a rapper, I’m far more concerned with the impact this will have on the youth I frequently mentor and counsel.”

He went on to state,

“I have worked endlessly as a youth advocate and community activist for people who hold the least amount of power – well before my career in rap. Everything I stand for is about being positive and productive, and I strongly believe in setting the right example for young people…[and] to promote a positive platform with youth and to discourage negativity and violence.”

Bigga also provided the AJC a Facebook conversation in which Gresham professes the rapper’s innocence.

“We cool and I know u had nothing to do with this cuz,” Gresham wrote according to the Facebook link Bigga provided to the newspaper.

As recently reported, Norris Gresham, an Atlanta sound engineer has filed a lawsuit against T.I. claiming that he was beaten by the rapper’s associates when they accused him of stealing a chain.

Gresham, an employee of T.I.’s Echo Studios in Atlanta, says he was held captive and assaulted for over 12 hours on September 8, when Mike Bigga could not find his gold diamond-encrusted chain and medallion.

Gresham filed the suit at Fulton County State Court on Monday and names Jonathan Carle, a hip-hop artist known as “Spodee;” Terrance Beasley, also called “Cap;” Cortez Thomas, nicknamed “C Rod;” Nathaniel Josey a.k.a.“Mac Boney;” and Michael “Mike Bigga” Render in the files.

“It was like a cock fight,” Antonio Thomas, Gresham’s lawyer, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “He was beaten up very seriously… and a gun [was] put to his head.”

Gresham’s lawsuit names T.I. because the rapper was allegedly sent emails, texts and videos as during the incident, but allegedly did nothing to stop it.

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