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Racist rant against ex-postal worker caught on tape

A former US Postal worker in Massachusetts is claiming wrongful termination after being attacked and called racial slurs while delivering mail.

The postal worker, who released video footage of the incident on You Tube states that after he was attacked on duty, he was dismissed from his post for unknown reasons.

In the video you clearly see a white woman, who is very upset about the Black postal worker educating her on USPS policy about returning certified mail.  The unknown woman became so enraged that she not only called the former mail man a racial slur, but also hit him.

“Give me back my card, I don’t want this,” the woman insisted. “Give it back you stupid n**ger thief.”

As if calling him racial slurs would work, the woman then stoops to insulting his intelligence, letting him know that it’s not his fault.

“Black men are genetically slower than everyone else,” the woman continued. “You wonder why you are all behind, but it’s not your fault, my mom used to teach at a Black school and I saw the I.Q. scores.”

After wasting more time and seeing she was getting nowhere with the mail man, the woman tries one more tool-the tool of using the black woman against him.

“You wonder why black women aren’t standing by you anymore,” the woman continued. “They got tired of being used and pushed so low, they are now with white people. There are some white women left out there that may help you, but you losers just keep on refusing help from everyone who’s trying to help you-that’s smart of you.”

Although the former postal worker told visitors to his YouTube page that the police dropped charges and that there was no formal investigation by the USPS before he was terminated, the United States Postal Service says it did in fact investigate the matter.

According to, The USPS states:

“We immediately pursued this incident through the local police, which, in turn, pressed charges,” a spokeswoman told The in an e-mailed statement. Although the postal service declined to state reasoning, they did confirm the postal worker was terminated for “personal reason”.

Check out the video below:

Verbal Attack Of Black Postal Worker

Physical Attack Of Black Postal Worker