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Swizz Beatz Speaks On DMX’s Struggles

Ruff Ryder producer Swizz Beatzdecided to share his thoughts on DMX’slegal trouble and personal issues.

In an interview with, Swizz breaks down their relationship and why the legal struggles is nothing new to him.

“X is my brother,” Swizz said in the interview. “What people don’t know is, X has been X since day one; the thing is nobody cared back then. Now that he’s famous, everyone wants to act like this is a new problem – but it’s not.”

Swizz also touched on why it seemed that X’s seeming cries for help have fallen on deaf ears.

“The person has to want to get help,” Swizz continued. “I am not saying that X won’t bounce back because I pray he does, I pray every day for him.”

In addition to Swizz talking about legal issues, the super producer also talked about the Jay-Z diss that DMX spit at a night club in Arizona.

As previously reported, X was recently caught on tape saying “Fawk Jay-Z”, but Swizz states that there is no beef just a misunderstanding.

“Naw there is no beef between X and Jay,” Swizz Beatz said. “X is going to address [beef] in a certain way. It’s 2010 and all that fake beef and tones to sell records is a thing of the past and people need to really move forward and just focus on making good music.”