It may be the new rule of the thumb for anyone that is under attack by the paparazzi and that is to just let them do what they do and suffer because as soon as a person tries to fight back in anyway, they will be hit with a lawsuit. Jay-Z’s bodyguard, Julius, can testify to that as he has reportedly been charged with assault and destruction of personal property.

As Hip-Hop Wired previously reported, the charge is fresh from an altercation that occurred Tuesday night in Croatia with a reporter. The Croatian law enforcement stated that a complaint was filed by the man who had got into a “tussle” with the bodyguard. The actual incident was captured on camera and was placed on the Internet Wednesday where the confrontation was shown.

Allegations have been made by sources in Croatia that the bodyguard was initially hostile to the reporter as he was pushing him away telling him not to film Beyonce. Another cameraman appeared, Dragan Banovic, 57, and was greeted with a punch from Julius who proceeded to issue a semi-beatdown as he gave him three more blows as he was trying to pick up his camera that had fallen from the first fist. From there, Julius threw the camera in the water.

Now the actual footage shows something that has hints of the allegations, but only little tidbits. The footage shows the reporter following the couple as the bodyguard continues to tell him to get away and pushes the camera away. As they load into the boat, the tripod is thrown at Julius, who then throws it in the water. It also appears as that another object was thrown at the muscle as they pulled off.

Clearly the paparazzi and music industry are vinegar and water in the fact that they don’t mix and have resulted in countless altercations.

Kanye West had to deal with his own problems in September 2008 after being arrested on felony vandalism charges after an altercation with a photographer. The issue landed him with three misdemeanors and had the potential to face 2.5 years if he was convicted.

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