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Banks also speaks on buying coats for the kids in his community as well as donating computers to local NY public schools and not doing it for the cameras.  He also talks about his promising acting career and answering doubters with his new project.


“Whoever doubted, I’m gone remind them  that this is why and HFM2 is the body of work  body that lives up to it.”


Many MC had tax problems in 2010 and Lloyd Banks offers a few tips on managing your finances and not spending beyond your means.


“I made my first million dollars at 20-years old and I was too scared to touch it.  I eat humble pie every morning so I really didn’t have the temptation to go out there and live beyond my means.

And being next to someone like 50 made it easier because if you see him shine then I’m shining right next to him.  If that’s 50 car and I’m in it, who are they to know.  That’s our car…”

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