Roy Moore‘s attempt to wrangle the U.S. Senate seat to represent the state of Alabama has been officially deaded, this after officials declared Doug Jones the rightful winner. Moore, who has been dogged by accusations of dating underage girls, tried legal maneuversย and failed to concede to Jones after losing the first time.

NPR reports:

Republican Roy Moore’s upset loss to Democrat Doug Jones is now official, after Alabama’s State Canvassing Board certified the results of the special election for a seat in the U.S. Senate early Thursday afternoon.

“I am looking forward to going to work for the people of Alabama in the new year,” Sen.-elect Jones said in a statement. “As I said on election night, our victory marks a new chapter for our state and the nation.”

The certification came shortly after an Alabama judge rejected Moore’s request to delay the move, a bid to block certification of the election he narrowly lost early this month. In his complaint, Moore alleged election fraud was “sufficient to overturn the outcome of the election.” He also called for an investigation and possibly a new election.

Moore’s name began trending on Twitter, with folks giving the former state judge the business. We’ve collected the best of the responses below and on the following pages.

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