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Just a few short months ago, millions gathered at the Washington mall to watch the first black President of the United States get inaugurated. In the same place six months later, politicians, business leaders and educators gathered to celebrate the 46th anniversary of the March on Washington.

The celebration took place on Tuesday, August 25, reports The Griot. All the celebratory events took place on the site of the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial, which will unveil a statue of Dr. King rising form a black of stone.

According to the King Memorial Foundation, $106 of the estimated $120 million needed to build the memorial.

During the celebration secretary of education Arne Duncan announced the start of the “Kids 4 King” competition, which will encourage children to keep Dr. King’s dream alive.

“The more our students, our young children understand what King stood for and the battles he fought and why he fought them and the huge source of inspiration he’s been for so many in our generation, we need to make sure those lessons, those values, that sense of leadership get instilled in this next generation of students.”