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Lil B caught a stray shot from former NBA bruiser Kenyon Martin, declaring the so-called “BasedGods Curse” and the Bay Area rapper’s opinion on basketball irrelevant. The Based God caught wind of Martin’s comments and challenged him to a game of 1-on-1 hoops.

TMZ Sports reports:

ICYMI … K-Mart straight-up dissed Lil B’s Based God curse earlier this week, calling him “a nobody” and claiming his opinion “don’t mean sh*t” when we asked him about being hexed.

TMZ Sports spoke with Lil B … who says Martin can end the debate once and for all by taking up his offer to go head to head on the court.

“I want to say to Kenyon Martin, I challenge you 1-on-1 to a game and we’ll see if the curse is real or not. You beat me, you’re right … the curse is fake.”

Lil B, who reportedly stands a 5-foot-7, losings over a foot to the 6-foot-9 Martin, who was known as a defensive beast during his time in the league. No word yet if the pair has agreed to square off on the hardwood or asphalt.

And as you can see here, this isn’t the first time the pair exchanged words after Martin was slapped with the curse back in October of 2017.

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