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‘Tis going to be a long winter fellow Game of Thrones fans as everyone’s worst fear has been confirmed: Game of Thrones will take a sabbatical in 2018. After months of rumors that the final season of HBO’s flagship Emmy-winning series won’t return for an entire year and change, the cable network has finally confirmed that we won’t see any dragon action until 2019.

To further add insult to injury it’s also been confirmed that the final season will be a mere six episodes as opposed to the usual 10 and one less than last year’s seven. Why are you doing this to us HBO?! First y’all cancel How To Make It In America after only two seasons and now this?!

The only consolation we can find at this point are rumors that each of the final six episodes will be 90 minutes a piece. Technically if you took the extra half hour away from each of those six episodes you’d get an extra three joints to prolong the final season but that’s neither here nor there.

So buckle up fellow Thronies, it’s going to be a long, cold, and almost unbearable winter but we can’t blame global warming for this one. Can we?

Photo: HBO