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The Today Show unveiled a recreation of what is supposed to King Tut’s mother, Queen Nefertiti. The problem was she sure looked like a white woman.  

“They” want to whitewash history so bad. But Black Twitter was not having.

The Travel Channel is who put together what it’s touting as a”historic forensic reconstruction project” to reveal the face of King Tut’s mom. The process will be featured on Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates that will air on Wednesday, February 7 and February 14 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The sculpture, created by paleoartist Elisabeth Daynès, is supposed to be an “accurate depiction” of a 3,400-year-old mummy of King Tut’s biological mother aka the “Younger Lady” who is Queen Nefertiti.

A couple of things worth noting…

First, Egypt is in Africa. Look at a map.

Second, ain’t no way in hell that Queen Nefertiti looked like that clearly Caucasian woman depicted in that sculpture. Nah, son.

“This remarkable face seems to be consistent with ancient representations of Nefertiti,” said Egyptologist Dr. Aidan Dodson of Bristol University via a press release. “It’s extraordinary. When taken alongside the latest reading of the genetic data, this provides us with truly exciting evidence that the mummy of the Younger Lady is none other than Queen Nefertiti herself.”

Umm, which depictions was he looking at? Because…

Like, maybe the Travel Channel is trolling us because it’s Black History Month?

We’re not the only ones calling shenanigans. Peep the best of Black Twitter’s reactions below and on the flip.


Photo: Courtesy of the Travel Channel

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