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Activists Raise Confederate Flag At SC Statehouse 2 Years After Its Removal

Source: Sean Rayford / Getty

Much to the dismay of many a Black Mississippi police officer was fired from his job on Monday after confronting racist members of the Delta Flaggers when they protested outside of the Civil Rights Museum this past weekend. But on Wednesday, 57-year-old officer, Wardell Jackson was rehired after the Clarion-Ledger reported the story behind his dismissal.

According to reports the Delta Flaggers showed up to the Civil Rights Museum and in an attempt to troll and disrespect the institution, wanted to stand on the brick sign of the Civil Rights Museum and History of Mississippi Museum with their group’s flag (of course to post online in an effort to mock the museum). A request to which Wardell Jackson responded, “Hell, no.”

After denying their requests, Jackson proceeded to keep the driveway clear for actual visitors to get through. Naturally the group tried to turn things into a racial situation and posted the video online themselves. Jackson was fired on Monday but after word spread of the incident was rehired on Wednesday.

Unfortunately Jackson will remain suspended until next Monday but has been reassigned to the midnight shift. While Jackson has no regrets about doing his job the meaning behind the phrase “no good deed goes unpunished” isn’t lost on him.

“I did my job,” he said. “I kept them off property. Now I’m being punished.”

State rep. Kathy Sykes, D-Jackson agrees that this is in fact a punishment saying “I think it was too drastic to fire him. It sends the wrong message.”

We couldn’t agree more, but we do find ourselves living in Trump’s Amerikkka where right is wrong and hate is patriotism.

Check out the video posted below and let us know your thoughts.

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