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Biggie’s legacy continues to be a big money draw. One of his mugshots is on the market for the same price of a new car.

According to the New York Post, Frank White was arrested in or around 1994 for an incident at a New Jersey nightclub. As the story goes the police officer who booked him had a younger sister who was a big fan of the “Juicy” rapper and asked him for an autograph.

In the note, the Brooklyn Don wrote, “To: Megan, Much Love, ‘Thanks 4 the phone call’ B.I.G.”. Included in the memento is a double of Wallace’s criminal close-up framed against a traditional height chart.

The picture plus autograph is going for a cool $36,000 and apparently is being sold by Moments In Time, the same dealer who sold the truck the rap legend was sitting in when he was murdered in 1997.

Via The New York Post

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