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NYPD Holds 30th Anniversary Memorial Mass For Officer Killed In Line In Duty At St. Patrick's Cathedral

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For decades it’s been no secret that many police officers are simply not qualified for their job but seldomly do we ever see anything done about that. However, the NYPD have reportedly been quietly “reprimanding” and firing police officers for a bevy of reasons including abuse of power, sexual harassment, and even selling drugs to teenagers.

Raw Story reports that Buzzfeed acquired “secret documents” that revealed that the New York Police department have dealings with more than 300 badged lawbreakers with up to 50 having lied on their official reports or under oath, 38 having been found guilty of using excessive force or firing their weapon unnecessarily, and 71 found guilty of ticket-fixing. And those were basically just the petty crimes.

Other officers have been caught committing more serious crimes like Andrew Bailey who was found guilty of touching and kissing a female student from a school he was stationed at while in his car. And he’s just one of the 24 school working cops who’ve been collared for everything from harassing students to selling drugs to them.

You’d think this would lead to all kinds of firings and prison time, right? Wrong.

The police commissioner apparently only dished out “dismissal probation”‘s which basically meant cops were able to keep their jobs and salaries while on a disciplinary probation of sorts. Ultimately the files show that Between 2011 and 2015 at least 777 officers and staff received dismissal probation and 463 were forced to leave or resigned.

Do the crime do the time, huh? Please.

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