Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

Source: Fitbit / Fitbit

Fitbit wants to reclaim the top spot in the global wearable market. The introduction of their newest smartwatch the Versa might be the step in the direction towards wearable tech dominance for the company. 

Apple is comfortably sitting in the top spot in the global wearables market at the moment thanks in large part to Fitbit’s stumble when jumping into the smartwatch market. Despite Fitbit’s teaming up with Dexcom on the Ionic smartwatch that could do things like monitor glucose levels, the watch didn’t sell as well as expected.  With the introduction of the Versa, they hope they got a product that will actually sell and appeal to those who don’t want a smartwatch not made by Apple.

Dubbed as the “smartwatch for all” the Versa is the lightest metal smartwatch in the U.S. wearables market. While boasting an “approachable” price-point, the Versa has new a comfortable design, sports a new dashboard that will allow users a simpler way to access their health and fitness tracking.

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

Source: Fitbit / Fitbit

Owners of the Versa will gain access to advanced health and fitness features such as automatic sleep stages, onscreen workouts, 24/7 heart rate tracking. Smart features such as wallet free payments (Fitbit Versa Special Edition), quick replies on Android phones (available May 2018), on-device music provided Deezer global offline music (owners get a free 3-month subscription) all powered by Fitbit OS 2.0.

To appeal to women who are in the wearable’s market Fitbit announced female health tracking to help women time their cycles, their estimated fertile window as well overall health and wellness. This feature will be available Spring 2018 through both the Ionic and Veras and app.

As far as battery life is concerned the Versa promises 4+ days battery life and you can get all of this minus the wallet free payments for $199.95. The Versa Special Edition will cost an additional $30 more if you really need wallet free payments via your watch in your in life.

The Versa sounds like a perfect option but it is missing the ability to quickly reply to messages on the watch especially if you do not own an Android device. There is also no microphone or speaker on the watch but that should be expected when it comes to anything affordable it will be lacking some features. The Versa easily pairs with Windows phones (if you still have one), Android phones and iPhones easily.

If you looked at it and immediately thought back to series 1 of the Apple Watch you are not alone it’s very similar. At $200 bucks this watch should appeal to masses who love a decent wearable. The Versa has been labeled Fitbit’s best smartwatch yet in a Verge review minus some minor issues so that means the company is taking the right steps finally in the smartwatch world. The Versa is available for pre-order in many different options that will fit you.

If you’re a hardcore Apple supporter the Versa might now be the smartwatch for you.

Head over to Fitbit to check them out for yourself and if you want to see the Versa in action check out the video below.

Photo: Fitbit