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Last weekend when  the United Snakes of Amerikkka observed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a national holy-day for the 25th year, the Malcolm X Commemorative Committee [MXCC] conducted its 15th annual dinner/fund-raiser for Prisoners Of War and Political Prisoners on the 82nd anniversary of the Civil Rights leaders’ birth.

“It sends a message to our Freedom Fighters – who sacrificed so much – that they’re not forgotten.  It sends a message to their families, that in the horrors of our worst nightmares we cannot imagine what they endure,” the events’ coordinator and MXCC member Dequi Kionip-Sadiki opened with to address the supporters in attendance.

“It is such an obligation and responsibility that those of us on the outside of the prison walls have.”

The Martin Luther King Jr. Labor Center, 1199 Service Employees International Union hosted the event in support of the families of some men and women who have been held captive  in the U.S.’ concentration camps for decades, many if not most,  on trumped-up charges.

The plight of P.OW.s and Political Prisoners is rarely addressed by the mainstream media nowadays.  Oftentimes, people put their physical freedom and lives at risk fighting for liberties which are not just backed by the U.S. Constitution – but also are their human rights as well.

“This annual event acknowledges our freedom fighters and their families for their commitment and many sacrifices to our struggle for self-determination and freedom,” declared Original Black Panther Brother Shep, the event’s co-organizer.

Many high-sadity negroes are not aware of the sacrifices which some comrades in-arms have made so that they can enjoy some semblance of freedom today, yet they still reap the benefits.

While they think that they have arrived because their salaries dictate their lifestyles, rather than principles, in actuality they are nothing more than modern-day house nig%ahz who live and react just as they have been programmed to do by their puppet-‘massahs’.

Family members of P.O.W.s – many who have spent more time in the belly of the beast than some who have committed murder, rape and other heinous crimes – band together understanding that the common-thread which weaves them together is combating against the imperialistic, blood-sucking, oppressive system which has torn apart thousands of families.

Relatives of Sekou Odinga, Eddie Conway, Mutulu Shakur, Mumia Abu Jamal, Herman Bell, Lynn Stewart and Sundiata Acoli were present, supporting each other during this noble cause, which many times goes on without notice from the general public

“There was a time when you knew people, but they weren’t around, they were hiding because of what they were doing, because of their struggles against the empire,” revealed keynote speaker Jihad Mumit- Jericho Movement’s national chairperson, himself a former P.O.W. 

“If you can’t win your own battles, then you won’t win the war!”

Unity within the Afrikan community, COINTELPRO and the prison industrial complex were just some of the topics touched upon.

“We are gathered here this afternoon to pay tribute to, and honor, our true heroes and sheroes who are languishing behind prison walls all over the U.S.A. as captured political-prisoners and P.O.W.s.  It is because they are where they are – serving mind-boggling sentences under mind-boggling conditions – that we are all here today,” former political refugee and P.O.W., Herman Ferguson stated in a prepared statement.

“It must be clear in our minds that the foremost commitment to these brothers and sisters is to find the earliest way to liberate them from their suffering and bring them back home to their Black nation, their families and to us.”

“If we make this a priority,  it really isn’t as mind-boggling as it seems… remember the old philosopher who reminded us that… “What the mind of a man can conceive, that he belies, he can achieve!”

“We pay tribute also to the families of our freedom-fighters – they carry with them always the pain of the loss and suffering of their loved ones.  Their love and unending support strengthens those behind the walls and allows them to endure.  Press on!  Power To The People!  Free The Land!  By any means necessary!”  Herman Ferguson –  Chairman Emeritus MXCC


Free all Political Prisoners & Prisoners of War

Malcolm X Commemoration Committee

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