Majority of this episode was spent focusing on the growing feud between Just Brittany and Keely who at one point was helping her. They have not seen eye to eye since Brittany called out Erica Mena on her parenting skills. Things get even worse between the two. Their first encounter on last night’s episode goes south as Brittany tries to hammer out the details to be a part of Stevie’s showcase alongside the talentless Estelita. Brittany doesn’t want to sign with Stevie (smart move), but Stevie won’t let her perform without the contract. Keely questions her decision not to join Stevie’s label, and that’s when it gets testy.

Just Brittany reaches out to Keely for a second meeting to see where they went wrong. It was just a colossal waste of time and the two almost come to blows before security steps in between them. The only thing that was more entertaining was the jokes LHHATL had about Keely and Just Brittany.

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