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The Walking Dead

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Last season we unexpectedly lost Carl Grimes (Chanler Riggs), and now if reports are true, his dad Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) will follow him after next season as the next fan favorite to exit The Walking Dead.

Didn’t see this one coming at all.

No one is truly untouchable on The Walking Dead, we learned that last season when we watched Carl succumb to a walker bite despite living well into the zombie apocalypse in the comics. According to a Deadline report, Rick Grimes time is almost up as well on the AMC blockbuster show. For 8 seasons fans have followed and watched Rick lose nearly his entire family and friends but never imagined his run was anywhere near.


The show is still currently filming its ninth season and contracts are still being worked out, but no details have been revealed exactly how Rick exit will happen. According to the report, he will only appear in six episodes in the now Angela Kang ran show. When we last left Rick, he has overcome his greatest foe Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)  but might have gained two new ones in former friends Maggie (Lauren Cohan)  and Daryl (Norman Reedus). Ironically Cohan was engaged in a contract dispute which has been resolved and her participation next season will be reportedly reduced to six-episodes as she focuses more on her role in the new ABC show Whiskey Cavalier. 

So with Rick leaving who is poised to take over? Fan favorite Daryl will lead the group according to the report. Reedus is reportedly going to receive a $20 million contract that is definitely enough incentive to stay on the TWD for the foreseeable future. There is no word if Danai Gurira will stop swinging her sword past season 9 and AMC declined to comment about the recent revelations.

All of this news comes after TWD suffered a significant drop in ratings according to the shows viewership standards. So maybe a fresh new start for the show might help get those viewers back who were turned off by season 8.

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