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Some people take being blocked by the current occupant of The White House as an accomplishment, but thanks to a ruling by a federal judge it was deemed unconstitutional as well. President Trump, of course, can’t accept that and really wants the ability to block out his “haters.”

In this very unconventional Presidency, Twitter is the place where Donald seems to do a lot of his “work” and shares information with his loyal followers.  He also has become the blocker-in-chief banning those who disagree with him from viewing his timeline.

Now granted some may argue why you would want to be on his timeline anyway? Since this President doesn’t really engage with the “fake news media” like his predecessors did his podium is his Twitter account. He also feels his ability his to block people is important and “his US Department of Justice” will step in to appeal the judge’s ruling.

In the first case, seven Twitter users filed a lawsuit against Potus and his team stating that being blocked from the president’s public timeline was unconstitutional. The White House countered by making the argument that @RealDonaldTrump is his personal account and First Amendment rights are subject to debate. Granted there is an official handle for the President of The United States (@potus), but Trump opts not to use it. Instead, that account is just used to retweet any tweets from Trump’s personal account and other people in his administration.

US District Judge Naomi Buchwald ruled in favor of those seven blocked users. She stated President Trump’s twitter account is a personal forum and preventing users from seeing it was a violation of their right to free speech. She then suggested the President should put to use the trusty mute feature but that is just not good enough for Donald. His lawyer, Jameel Jaffer argues that they are “disappointed that the government intends to appeal the district court’s thoughtful and well-supported ruling.”

Good luck with that Donald.

Photo: NurPhoto / Getty