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Fox rejects ‘Jesus hates Obama’ Super Bowl ad according to site creator Richard Belfry

The Fox Television Network may have been displaying integrity by refusing to run the ‘Jesus Hates Obama’ commercial during the upcoming Superbowl but the controversial ad has brought exposure to the campaign created by comedian Richard Belfry.

The ad features two bobblehead dolls, one of President Barack Obama and another of what appears to be Jesus Christ.

While “Battle Hymn of the Republic” plays, the camera pans to both dolls signifying a standoff with Obama’s figurine finally falling into a fish bowl.

The Jesus doll stands proudly wearing the company’s signature shirt that reads, “Jesus Hates Obama.”

A block of text on the front page of reads,

Do we really believe that Jesus hates Obama? Of course not! However, we do believe in freedom…as in the freedom to make fun of the Obama administration with novelty t-shirts…our products may be a joke but so are the policies of this administration.”

Belfry explains,

“This isn’t a stunt and we’re definitely not trying to capitalize on the horrific events that happened in Arizona.  ‘Jesus Hates Obama’ has been around since 2009, we’ve made a ton of money with limited exposure so we and our investors can see the potential this brand has, which is more popular than ever.”

The popularity of the site may not reach the Superbowl audience it was intended for, but somehow the denial of the ad has been leaked to the media and Belfry may just be in for a bigger payday.

There is heavy speculation about the funding of this site and now about the release of this story.


Watch the “Jesus Hates Obama” commercial below.