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Power Season 5 Episode 2

Source: Starz / Starz

On the latest episode of Power, the St. Patrick Family hasn’t properly grieved Raina. Over the course of 3 weeks, the family dealt with death, revenge, and the need for damage control.

They hope to alleviate the impact of Raina’s murder, but those unaddressed feelings finally erupted. Tasha mourns Raina daily with an abundance of tears and regret, while Ghost silently suffers (and attempts to call Angela for comfort). Tasha needs an outlet to channel her grief, but Ghost is apprehensive and doesn’t want to invite others into his business. During the counseling session with other grieving parents, Ghost discourages Tasha from sharing their experiences, causing a rift between the two. Even more tension is generated when Councilman Tate ambushes the St. Patricks with a press conference to speak about Raina and his community endeavors.

Tommy’s piss poor management skills reared its ugly head in multiple ways this episode. Jason Mitic returns to demand Tommy replace the product lost when the Jiminez burned down the warehouse and hijacked drugs from the now lost NYC port. Mitic drafts Ghost and Kanan as complicit partners to recoup his lost drugs. Tommy also has to answer for the Italian hitters being killed by Dre. Tommy decides to be as forthcoming with Vincent and to ask forgiveness, claiming that he took care of the uber. Sammy, Teresi’s right hand man, lied on Tommy’s behalf and punched him in the grill to say “I’ll never lie to them about you again.” Tommy continues to paint himself into impossible corners with brute force techniques to feel more exclusive.


Photo: Starz

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