Tasha returns to her group counseling sessions to deal with her grief. Dale, the man whose son was murdered by a drunk driver, mentions that his prayers were answered. The man who killed his son was stabbed to death (he doesn’t know Ghost killed him, of course). Jessica, his wife, says it doesn’t change anything and doesn’t make her feel better. Tasha seems to realize that Ghost might be the archangel that struck the drunk down and confrots her husband.

Tasha asks Ghost if he feels better that Ray Ray is dead after murdering Raina, and whether he thinks his vigilante ways will do the same for the grieving family. Ghost knows his actions may not matter in the long run, but he wants to affect change in some way to “make things right”. Tasha pushes Ghost to Kill Kanan if he has urges to murder someone who deserves it, because at this point, she’s fed up with everything related to their former friend. This leads to a contentious confrontation at Tommy’s apartment between Tasha and Kanan.

Tasha blames Kanan for Tariq’s life of crime, meeting Raymond Jones and ultimately… Raina’s murder. Kanan reminds Tasha that he saved Tariq’s life twice and that her children were already in the drug life the minute she chose Ghost as her husband. Kanan and Tasha have palatable animosity, which is reaching the boiling point quickly. Tasha curses Tommy out too (once he arrives) for bringing Kanan back into their lives with open arms. Tommy chases after Tasha , and  assures her the alliance with Kana is temporary, while Tasha warns Tommy that she will kill Kanan herself if he’s around for too long.

A talk with Keisha about Tariq and her kids opens Tasha’s eyes to the real issue — They’ve lied to the kids for so long, that when the truth was revealed the bonds of trust between Tariq and Tasha were gone. This promtps Tasha to reveal the true backstory of her life to Tariq while dropping him off at Choate. Tariq, in turn, confesses to watching Raina die. In an emotional scene, mother and son console each other and begin to repair a bond that hasn’t been this strong since the early season of POWER.

Power Episode 503

Source: Starz / Starz


Kanan, Tommy, and Ghost debate what holds a higher priority;  killing Dre or killing the Jimenez. Kanan offers to flip 2-Bit since he’s been in conflict with Dre. Tommy also needs to wash money for Mitic and asks for Ghost’s help to run money through Truth. Ghost refuses, and Kanan offers to help. Kanan mentions Ghost’s desire to leave the life and when Dre is gone, there’s no reason for illegal activity. Tommy agrees to work with Kana if he gets the money upfront.

Kanan meets with 2-Bit and compels him to flip by implicating Dre in Broc’s murder. 2-Bit tells Kanan about Dre demoting him and transferring control of the gambling ring to Cristobal. 2-Bit also notices Diego’s apparent new affinity for Cristobal over Dre. Kanan uses this information to rob Cristobal at the gambling spot (in disguise) with 2-Bit help so Cristobal’s cred could suffer and Kana gets his laundry money.


Teresi meets with Mak and Saxe about having his sentence commuted. The AUSA agents want to make a deal; They won’t challenge the commutation if Teresi will provide information on Tommy and Ghost. Teresi laughs at the notion because he actually has been manipulating everyone to get a deal done for his release this entire time. He connects with Tommy and informs him that he’s on his way home and can’t wait to spend time, while making backdoor deals with Mak to set traps. Would a made man break the codes of silence to betray his own son?

Tommy remains as suspicious of EVERYONE, and he speaks to Keisha to confirm his doubts. This visit became part advisement, part exploration of a possible rekindle. Keisha advises Tommy to find someone who would know if Teresi is lying and to make a call from there. Keisha also reiterates that Tommy won’t have another shot with her.

Tommy calls his favorite lawyer, Joe Proctor for inside information on Teresi, and a possible connect to wash money for Jason Mitic. Proctor just can’t get away from the life. Proctor hasn’t heard anything about Teresi flipping, and doesn’t offer any laundering connects either. As long as he’s fighting to reinstate his law license, he can’t involve himself with anything illegal.

Tommy’s mother Kate wishes he would stay clear of Teresi. She tells Tommy that her son is smarter than letting a stranger into his life, and that Teresi isn’t to be trusted. Tommy Tells Kanan about Teresi too and doesn’t know how to handle it. Kanan cracks jokes about reconnecting with lost fathers and doesn’t think Teresi will snitch because mafia dudes who talk don’t end up happily ever after. But, if the last scene with Tommy picking up Teresi after getting out of jail is any indication…our favorite loose cannon has yet to learn his lesson.

Power Episode 503

Source: Starz / Starz

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