white man calls cops over basketball foul

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A white man called the cops (noticing a trend?) on a Black man because he got fouled during a pickup basketball game. Yes, this really happened.

First, a witness in the gym shared a photo of the cop speaking to the alleged fouler and the snitch who called popo to waste their time.

Fortunately, it didn’t turn into a killed for playing basketball situation. In fact, in a video of the incident’s aftermath, the cop is incredulous, saying he’s never been called out for such an asinine reason.

But here’s the real kicker. Do you think Scrubby Scott got fouled taking it to the rack to flush it on a helpless defender? Nah.

By all accounts, this guy got fouled on a screen. A damn pick bruh.

If you see this man at your pick up run, do not place him on your squad. Kindly ask him to leave. If he doesn’t, find another park or gym, for the culture.

Needless to say, basketball Twitter is rife with slander. The alleged fouler is also catching this work for rocking two shooting sleeves and a headband, which keeping it a buck is totally deserved.

Stay tuned because Scrubby Scott’s whole life is going to be revealed on Twitter shortly. And yes, it does matter that it’s a white guy who called the police on a Black man as if the cops are his own personal goon squad. Or have you not been paying attention?

UPDATE: A police report reveals neither man wanted to press charges.

Peep some of the best slander and reactions below and on the flip.

Photo: Twitter

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