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Source: Facebook, Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook, Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office

In the latest episode of “When Keepin’ It Real Goes Wrong,” aspiring Dallas rapper Nykees Earl Campbell found himself facing serious fed time after putting criminal evidence in his raps. Yeah, knuckleheads are still snitching on themselves on their records.

According to the Dallas News, prosecutors got a big ol’ break when they stumbled onto some of Campbell’s Kit Kat bars on Youtube and his Facebook page which detailed some of his nefarious street activity “including an ambush robbery in which he allegedly shot a man eight times while he was asleep in bed.”

Either his metaphors were straight garbagéé or he didn’t even try to use any to cover up his crimes.

Though the 20-year-old rapper known as “NaNa” and “Ny-Nizzle” hasn’t been charged with any murders, he remains a suspect and being that his lyrics match the shootings being investigated, things aren’t looking good for him.

Campbell had initially been facing a 6 year bid after copping a guilty plea to drug distribution. But after his Hip-Hop confessions were heard by U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn, she was prompted to add an additional 6 years to the sentence of the YNB Stretch Gang leader.

Lynn said she rarely grants requests for punishment above the sentencing guidelines, but told Campbell that much of the information she relied on “came out of your mouth.” She said the evidence shows that he shot someone multiple times while he slept.

“You’re bragging about shooting a person,” Lynn said. “It’s violence times 10 at every phase.”

Aside from rival gang members, victims of the violence that Campbell’s crew reaped on his community included a 6-year-old bystander who was hit by a bullet during a shootout between rival crews.

Campbell’s attorney, Dianne Jones McVay, said the government tried to blame her client for crimes Dallas police have been unable to solve.

“My client is guilty of rapping,” she said. “They can’t prove their murders … but they want to blame my client for all of them.”

It doesn’t help that when Campbell was arrested in November gang activity in Dallas came to a screeching halt. Just sayin.’

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