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Power S5 Ep 7

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When people are in love, they make bad decisions – Angela Valdez

Plans become reality, side pieces become main problems, and snitching rises to another complicated level. It’s chess, not checkers on this week’s episode of Power.

Tasha and Ghost have a tall task on their hands; reassuring their respective side pieces that everything will be OK if they stick to the plan. Tasha pleads with Silver to lie under oath to protect Tariq, to which Silver seems to comply. Ghost lends a ear to Angela’s fears of plummeting into a pit of criminality with every moves she makes. The sex between the two sets of forbidden lovers foreshadows future troubles in paradise.

Ghost recovers from Tate’s attempt to drop him from the Queens Child Project as he begins his gubernatorial campaign, by taping his main employee Alfonse’s conversation where he admits to Tate skimming off the top of the QCP’s profits in order to pay him. Ghost plays the recording for Tate as insurance that he’ll stay on the project and Tate will know not to test his resources ever again.

Tasha and Ghost reconnect to trade notes and finally discuss Silver sleeping with his client’s wife. The hypocrisy reaches astronomical proportions as Ghost, serial cheater since season 1,  admonishes Tasha for cheating while he was in prison, while Tasha — who promoted Ghost’s criminal empire and ridiculed him for trying to leave the life — scolds Ghost for holding back her opportunities at “a better life.” Ghost meets Silver to confront him about the affair and his plans to lie under oath. Ghost decides to add extra incentive to Silver’s cooperation; Follow through with the plan and James won’t contact the Ethics committee to report Silver for conflict of interest violations. The plan backfires as Silver invites Tasha to his home, an empty home, and leaves her the subpoena to testify, a check,and a “dear John” post-it note. Silver won’t be an alibi for Tasha. The new plan to exonerate the St. Patricks and Angela? Either Tasha or Ghost takes the fall


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