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Carol Maraj Interview The Hip Hop 'Hood Report Jelani Maraj Case

Source: The Hip Hop ‘Hood Report / screen cap

Last Wednesday (Aug. 8), Carol Maraj, the mother of Hip-Hop star Nicki Minaj, sat down with Charles Fisher and The Hip Hop ‘Hood Report for an exclusive, tell-all interview. During the chat, Maraj spoke about an alternate juror who said last fall that he would have acquitted Jelani Maraj in the rape case involving his 11-year-old stepdaughter based on a lack of evidence.

The interview was announced earlier in the month and has since aired once more on New York’s Public Access TV since its initial debut. Fisher pressed Maraj to speak about the juror, who was dismissed and hammered home the stance that her son’s name should be cleared based on what was presented to the court.

Essentially, Maraj believes there were several instances of jury misconduct and that part of the trial was influenced by Wendy Williams’ take on the matter. However, the juror in the matter did believe something happened but not what the jury was told to convict Jelani Maraj for. In the end, Maraj continually presses the fact that an expert said that sex allegedly did not happen between her son and the minor girl and that there are conflicting accounts all around that should move to clear her son’s name.

The entire interview can be viewed in the clip below. Jump to the five-minute mark to hear Carol Maraj speak in detail about the case.

Photo: Screen Cap