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Azealia Banks gives concert in Istanbul

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Azealia Banks is a young woman with notable musical talent but lacks the desire to win in other areas of her life. While the truth of whether or not she was in Elon Musk’s house waiting on his girlfriend Grimes to record tracks is up in the air, the fact remains that the Harlem rapper is still talking about the alleged encounter with Tesla’s founder for whatever reason.

It all began when Banks claimed she was at one of Musk’s homes on the West Coast back on Aug. 12 to connect with Grimes but instead claimed she observed Musk having a breakdown about taking his company private and using drugs in front of her while his girlfriend consoled him. After Musk’s team said he denied ever meeting Banks, he apparently said she was in one of his homes but then that may have been debunked as well. It’s all a lot to keep up with.

After Banks claimed wildly that Musk was tapping her phone and said his attorneys took her phone from her after her initial accusations of Grimes leaving her abandoned in his home, she posted a message via her favorite vehicle of Instagram to demand her phone back from his attorneys. A Twitter user then posted a graphic exchange between Banks and Grimes in which they discussed his “package” if you catch our drift.

Adding to the circus, Musk and Grimes apparently unfollowed each other, with Grimes and Banks also unfollowing each other via social media. Then, with curious timing, Musk deleted his Instagram but told Gizmodo that he just didn’t like the platform without further elaboration.

A smart person would try to leverage all this negative attention into a win and drop a new project but given that this is Azealia Banks we’re talking about here, the options to fail and fail harder are the only things on the menu.

Check out what is available out there on social media regarding this zany beef below.

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