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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Is Now Available

Source: Bernard Smalls / Hip-Hop Wired

After weeks of teasing us, Samsung’s newest flagship phone the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is finally available for purchase.

We already broke down how this phone stacks up against the competition (mainly the iPhone X) and should give Samsung plenty of reason to be confident that they have a phone that is equally as good or in some cases better than Apple’s $1000 baby. The Note 9 comes in two colors: Ocean Blue with a yellow S Pen or a Lavender Purple finish with a matching S Pen. It also features stereo speakers, a 6.4-inch edge to edge screen, 4,000mAh battery that promises to keep you texting, Tweeting and Instagramming all day with the option of either 128GB or 512GB which can be expanded thanks to the ability to use microSD cards.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Is Now Available

Source: Bernard Smalls / Hip-Hop Wired

The Note 9’s biggest feature the S Pen has been upgraded and can be used to perform a bevy of features. Now equipped with Bluetooth technology you can use the accessory to either help you capture the perfect selfie or regular photo as well as perform other actions. Depending on how much base storage you decide to go with, the Note 9 either comes with 6GB or 8GB memory. To help the new handset run smoothly, based on your location the Note 9 will either be powered by Samsung’s Exynos 9810 CPU or Snapdragon 845.

Oh, and if you are a mobile gamer, you can take your Fortnite skills on the road cause insanely popular battle royale game can be played on the powerful smartphone. Speaking of Fornite, Note 9 and Galaxy Tab S4 users gain access to an exclusive skin to use in the game. As far as price goes, Like the iPhone X, the Galaxy Note 9 will cost you some money, and that should come as no surprise because it is packed with a lot of updates. The 128GB model will cost you $1000 while the  512GB phone will cost $1,250 respectively.

Last but definitely not least, Samsung’s newest Smartwatch model that was “leaked” a few weeks back is also available today for purchase as well.  The new wearable comes equipped with Samsung Pay, Bixby, and SmartThings and will focus on productivity giving its wearing to track things like their fitness goals. There will be two versions of the watch a 42mm watch for $330 and a 46mm model for $350. If you are looking for an LTE model that starts at $379.99 for the 42mm and $399.99 for the 46mm and is available now through Samsung and T-Mobile. All versions of the smartwatch are compatible with Android 5.0 and up as well as iOS.

Samsung's “After Unpacked: An Evening for the Rest of Us”

Source: Bernard Smalls / Hip-Hop Wired

If you haven’t already pre-ordered your Note 9 and your Galaxy Watch, you can head here to buy either product right now. We had some hands-on experience with both, and we can assure you won’t be disappointed at all.

Photo: Bernard Smalls/Hip-Hop Wired