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The Game is speaking on his court ordered payment of $50,000 to a family member he brawled with at a funeral for their relative.

As previously reported, Game and his cousin Robert Kirkwood got into a scuffle in 2008 at the funeral for Kirkwood’s sister after the rapper reportedly refused to pay the burial costs.

Now after being ordered by a judge to pay $50, 580 for the incident, Game says that he’s not worried about the money because he’s been blessed by God.

When asked by AllHipHop if his cousin Kirkwood was “still mad at him” Game replied,

“I don’t know man (sounding disappointed). To lose $50 grand aint nothing to a ni**a you know what I’m saying man. I used to sleep in the back of a f**king car man, so I aint trippin, I was never even supposed to have any of this. I’m just blessed. By the grace of god I’ve been able to have longevity. Haters, ni**as wanna see me fall and sue me, more power to you. I done did it all, I had Aston Martins, Lamborghini’s, ni**a I got a Porsche outside right now. Benz’s, houses, man.”

He also adds that he’s making upwards of $70,000 a month and spending it on gas and his children.

“S**t man, I’m up to $70 grand-a-month, gases prices are going up, my kids shoe size’s is growing. Harlem is big as s**t, he’s playing basketball, going to camps, I’m dishing out cheese like going broke is the s**t!”


Kirkwood has yet to speak on the incident.