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Vanilla Ice on board quarantined flight from Dubai

Source: Mindy Small / Getty

Yesterday (September 5) a flight from Dubai that landed at JFK International Airport in NYC containing 549 passengers and crew on board was quarantined when a mysterious illness spread throughout the plane. One of those passengers was indeed Robert Matthew Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice.

In what sounded like the plot from the FX show The Strain (google it) Vanilla Ice was on hand to witness what could have been our viral doom *sarcastic voice*. 100 people on board showed symptoms which included coughing, vomiting, and fevers. Out of the 100, only 10 ended up going to the hospital to be further evaluated.

Staff from the Center of Disease Control worked alongside with Customs, and Border Patrol officials and Authorities completed health evaluations of the passengers checking their temperatures. A vast majority of those on the plane were given the green light to continue on their trip, and Winkle we are happy to report was as “cool as ice” showing no signs of fever.

Since the incident, the health department has confirmed in a statement that “A majority of the tests showed common viruses such as influenza and the common cold.” They did test for other viruses, and the results were inconclusive which they claimed: “is not unusual when testing.”

As for the 10 passengers that were hospitalized yesterday, they will remain there until all of the test results come in as a precaution mayoral press secretary Eric Phillips said in a tweet.

We’re just glad those passengers including Van Winkle are okay and that it’s nothing very serious. If Suge Knight couldn’t get rid of Vanilla Ice neither can the flu apparently.

Photo: Mindy Small / Getty