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Elon Musk needs to get his life together. The Tesla exec thought it was a good idea to puff a blunt while being interviewed on a podcast so of course, Tesla’s stock price took a drop. 

Snoop Doggy Musk was being interviewed by Joe Rogan when they decided to light up (the interview was being broadcast live on YouTube, too). So much for plausible deniability.

Flash-forward to Friday (Sept. 7) morning, and CNBC reports that Tesla’s stock dropped as much as 9%. To be fair, Tesla’s chief account officer giving the peace out sign didn’t help the stock’s cause, but an L due to weed (see what we did there) plays much better on the Internets.

On and the slander is immaculate, too.

So does this mean Azealia Banks was right all along? Nevertheless, Elon Musk is still rich.

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