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It looks like Henry Cavill is done playing Superman. 

Per the Hollywood Reporter, the Mission: Impossible — Fallout actor with the impressive muscles will no longer be portraying Kal-El the last son of Krypton in the DC Movie Universe.

Cavill portrayed Superman in 2013’s capable Man of Steel, 2016’s subpar Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and last year’s nice try Justice League. However, the jig was spotted when talks reportedly broke down about getting Cavill to make a cameo in the forthcoming Shazam! movie.

Why is DC and Warner Bros. apparently willing to move on from Cavill? Because they’re allegedly focusing on a Supergirl movie that will focus on her origin story. And as for a proper follow up to Man of Steel—it wouldn’t happen for at least several years.

Thus, Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman are not so subtly exiting stage left. Once again it seems like DC is trying to reset its movie franchises. Good luck with that.

At least Gal Gadot is safe as Wonder Woman, for now.

Photo: WENN/Warner Bros.