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Drake's 'Fortnite' Account Possibly Hacked

Source: 100 Thieves

Drizzy might want to update his password because someone apparently was using his Fortnite account and made an appearance during a stream.

The 6 God is a well-known fan of the uber-popular free-to-play game and has made appearances in the famous streamer Tyler Ninja Blevin’s Twitch events. On November 23 during a charity streaming session, a player showed up in a Fortnite game with the handle “Duddus647.” It’s almost similar to Drake’s PS4 handle “TheBoyDuddus,” but the alleged hacker opted for the “Hotline Bling” rapper’s Epic account.

While in the session the person was eerily silent which confirming it was not Drake and to add further more proof the suspect unleashed a string of racist slurs forcing Blevins to leave the game session. Ninja said he will reach out to Epic about the hack and will reach out to Drake to make sure his account is still good.

There has is no confirmation from Epic that Drake’s account was indeed being used, but all evidence strongly suggests that and Ninja seemed to believe it was the Canadian rapper. Drizzy better step his online security game up, this is definitely not a good look at all. We are still wondering if Drake ever paid Ninja that $5,000 he owes him. You can watch the Fornite gaming session with the incident in question below.

Watch !Charity Click the link to go and donate to the Ellen Fund! from Ninja on

Photo: 100 Thieves

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