Saturday Night Live - Season 44

Source: NBC / Getty

Political satire is one of areas that the staff at Saturday Night Live excels at. Their newest sketch theorizes what if the first family were black and the results are troll gold.

Saturday Night Live - Season 44

Source: NBC / Getty

This past weekend the late-night variety show launched an Empire-inspired skit “Them Trumps.” The spoof parodied the POTUS and his family as African-Americans. Kenan Thompson plays the POTUS Darius Trump, Leslie Jones as Malika, Chris Redd as Darius Junior and Ego Nwodim is L’evanka.

The clip opens up with Darius Junior breaking some bad news to the officer in chief saying “Sir they know everything. They know about Russia. They know you used campaign money to cover up an affair with Magic City stripper Cinnamon Mercedes. They know about the pyramid scheme you’ve been running through your company Darius Trump Country Hams.”

Suddenly the FBI raids the White Office and Darius is apprehended. But in Lucious Lyon fashion he is soon freed boasting “there’s only one rule in America: you can’t prosecute a sitting president! It’s called checks and balances, baby.”

You can watch the skit below.

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