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Killer Mike is not only a great rapper but also an excellent debater. DJ Envy found this out the hard way.

The Atlanta MC paid a visit to The Breakfast Club earlier this week to promote his Netflix Trigger Warning show. While the conversation was fluid for the first half of his appearance things got tense when the subject of schooling came up. Mike Bigga became noticeably passionate when talking through why he believes that families that live in a hostile area should not send their children to school with white kids until the age of 13. He went on to explain why he staunchly believes in historically Black schooling.

This is when DJ Envy chimed in saying he feels that private schools offer his kids a better opportunity at advancement; specifically with niche courses in real estate, college course offerings and so on. That’s when the Run The Jewels founder checked him.

“You’re a rich n***a, you got white folks money. You are not going to endure the same [plight] as poor white people living in Sumpter, living in Atlanta, my question is this. With all that great education you got, you turned out to become a DJ and a real estate investor, your investment comes from your talent, what you invested in, what you chose to pursue so your children will do the same” he explained.  “I’m saying to put confident children in the world. You’re not directing your children to HBCUs (not you), that education isn’t teaching you that Egypt is in Africa, it’s not teaching anything good about yourself– it just teaches you how to take tests well.”

Envy went on to criticize public schools as inefficient and the gloves officially came off with Mike saying “you’re full of sh*t!”. Thankfully they were able to get on common ground and left the interview on good terms.

You can view the interview below with the mandatory dark skin versus light skin argument starting at the 30-minute mark.

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