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The Hip-Hop world was both elated and taken aback by news that De La Soul‘s back catalog will finally see the light of day but at the cost of nearly all their royalties. TIDAL has elected to stand with the Plugs and not stream their music until Tommy Boy Records offers a better royalty split.

Taking to their usual vehicle of social media to announce their next steps, De La Soul posted a message via Instagram notifying their supporters of TIDAL’s stance.

“Dear Fans, just got off the phone with TIDAL. In support of the artist, TIDAL has decided not to stream our catalog until this matter has been resolved. Thank you TIDAL…Thank you JAY,” read the message.

According to De La, Tommy Boy will gain 90 percent of royalties while the group will have to split 10 percent between the three of them.

In an earlier post, the group addressed Tommy Boy’s plans to release the sample-heavy releases without clearing the music and electing to deal with the lawsuits later.

“Dear Fans…So check this one out!! Monday, when confronted and questioned whether or not all samples had been cleared for our catalogs streaming release, Tommy Boy felt that it would be better to move forward with the release and deal with all claims/lawsuits later on…really???? That’s just not smart business. We don’t want to be sued,” read the post.

There hasn’t been any official response or news from Tommy Boy Records but this saga seems far from over.

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