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We hope he had insurance. Rapper Young Dolph found himself short of nearly $500,000 in jewelry and luxury items that was taken from his SUV while he sat and ate in a Cracker Barrel.

Yeah, you can’t make this up.

WSBTV reports that Dolph was eating at a Cracker Barrel on Senoia Road in Fairburn, Georgia early Wednesday when he got gaffled, per the Fairburn police.

Surveillance video showed the thieves essentially casing Dolph’s Mercedes Benz SUV a couple of times before breaking in and taking numerous, pricey items.

Dolph told the cops that the following was taken:

  • Diamond chain valued at approximately $27,000
  • Another chain valued at approximately $57,000
  • Richard Mille watch valued at approximately $230,000
  • Patek Philippe watch valued at approximately $85,000
  • Cartier sunglasses valued at $24,000
  • Cartier sunglasses valued at $700
  • Glock firearm
  • Pirelli backpack valued at approximately $300
  • Apple Macbook valued at $3,000
  • Apple Ipad valued at $500
  • Apple Airpods valued at $200

Dolph also claimed that it would cost about $700 to fix the SUV’s broken window.

Also worth noting, the cops may be thinking Dolph is pulling the jig. Assistant Police Chief Anthony Bazydlo was quoted as saying the incident is “unusual in a number of ways.”

Bazydlo said investigators are puzzled by what happened after Young Dolph first got out of his truck. They say the taillights flashed off and on, and in the next couple of minutes, they flashed two more times. 

“That’s interesting to us in terms of what was happening with the vehicle,” Bazydlo said. “Was it being locked? Unintentionally unlocked? We don’t know.”

The plot thickens.

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